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What should I do if the carton printing is white?

Solution suggestion:

One: Is the paper scraps broken paper and hair cut by the cross cutter? If it is possible to add a fan at the cross-cutting paper, it will have some effect;

Two: First of all, we must start from the source, the cardboard must be improved! The paper feed roller wrapped around the tape, in the first group of printed large physical version, the watermark will change in the past! In the end, it is still necessary to improve from cardboard;

Third: the production line cross-cutting knife installs the exhaust fan to remove dust, the paper feeding unit pulls the paper roll on the double-sided tape, uses a blank version of the film to paste the double-sided tape, hangs on the first unit roller of the printing group, and wraps it with a block cloth. The starch is beaten on the double-sided tape, and then the cardboard can be emptied and dusted in the opposite direction. You can also find a large version of the varnish version of the plate making company. When the plate is removed, the anti-dust process can be achieved by removing the sticking process. A bucket of water is printed on the first unit of printing, and the dust removal effect is also very good. It is enough to print a few thousand sheets of paper to stop the dusting plate.

Four: Put the paper on the printing machine and reprint it again, the effect will be better;

Five: Five aspects to start

1. Install electrostatic precipitator in the paper feeding section 7 row brush dust removal suction motor

2, be a 100-mesh dot-up version of the thinner used to stick dust and garbage

3, the cardboard line controls the garbage dust to see if the cut paper is serious

4. There is also the dust on the machine itself that is not cleaned in place. It is adsorbed onto the cardboard and the printing plate during the printing process.

5, the environment around the printing machine should be cleaned, it will inevitably be sucked into the machine to cause printing garbage;

Six: Replace the paper brush with a new one and reduce the height of the brush! Wrap the paper feed roller with yellow double-sided tape! If it doesn't work, the cardboard will be reversed after the paper is turned down and then printed!

Seven: Brush electrostatic suction roller, there are always ways to solve, if the customer is too harsh, you can consider adding a dust removal group before printing, saving time and effort...