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How to design a suitable paper box

Inside the door to see the door, the layman to watch the fun. This is especially true in the carton design industry. What is the size and size of a box before it is made?

1. Meet the requirements of protecting commodities and achieve the physical properties that should be in accordance with the requirements of the packaging workshop of the production plant. It is convenient to pack and use: meet the requirements of the seller, facilitate the transportation, stacking, shelf display, etc.; Hot, fragile, etc.) requirements. The use of raw materials is the most economical, the arrangement of the package is reasonable; suitable for mechanized packaging; the export is in line with the relevant packaging standards and regulations of the countries that are sold.

2, according to the weight and nature of the packaged goods (such as fragile, afraid of pressure, heat, etc.); stacking height, handling conditions: storage and circulation conditions and storage time, internal diameter specifications.

When determining the size of the carton piece. The internal dimensions required for the carton and the thickness of the cardboard are used as the basis for the calculation. Designing a carton

When the structure of the box is first, the pressure of the carton should be calculated according to the nature of the packaged goods, the degree of fragility and damage, the size of the box structure, the stacking height, the transportation conditions, and the distance. . Then determine the type of enamel, the number of corrugated board, the ratio of materials used, and so on. In this case, the test side sample box is broken, and the data can be obtained by trial installation side test. In this way, it can ensure the availability of the package under a certain load condition, and can reasonably use the material.

So what are the main factors that affect the strength of the carton package?

The damage of the packaging carton is analyzed by the load on the cardboard box during the manufacturing, loading, handling, loading and unloading process. Can be summarized as the following types of packaging carton destruction:

(1) During the loading, closing, stacking, storage and transportation of the package, vertical compression occurs in the material of the box, which causes damage to the package when the strength of the package is insufficient.

(2) In the process of transporting and slicing, horizontal compression occurs to cause packaging damage.

(3) In the packaging process, when the package of the comparatively shaped, powdery and other products is peeled off, the packaging will be damaged due to the axial stretching caused by the dynamic loading.

(4) In the process of using the goods, when the goods are forcibly taken from the package, the edges of the package may be cracked.