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How to tell if a carton packaging design is good or bad

Many people think that design is a very professional thing, and the aesthetic requirements for individuals are relatively high. But in fact, many things are not as difficult as imagined. If you are not an art professional and have no experience in designing, how do you identify the quality of carton packaging? We can judge from the following points.

First, the overall structure of the carton.

The carton packaging is very structured. Common color boxes include buckle bottom box, airplane box color box, window box, heaven and earth box, gift bag, pull-out color box and so on. Then we can actually choose the box type according to the product characteristics. Generally, like a wine box, you can choose the world box to make a red wine gift box, highlighting the high-end. The white wine box can choose to open the window box, and the bottom box is more intuitive. Tea box can choose pull-type color box and so on. Of course, we should not stick to the traditional style when designing. Sometimes we can choose the barrel shape and the hexagonal column shape to achieve the novel effect.

Second, the carton pattern and text layout.

The pattern and layout of the carton should be designed in detail from five aspects.

1. Background color. The color of the bottom of a carton pack is the most intuitive and most prominent feature of the product, which can attract customers' attention at a glance. Generally, the base color can be selected according to the product classification. For example, the cosmetics are mainly light colors, the wines are dark, and the electronic products can be more colored. It can also be designed according to product promotion features or brand VI, such as Sky Blue.

2. Appearance pattern. The appearance of the pattern should highlight the product characteristics, and at the same time be elegant, concise and meaningful.

3. Text. The text should be refined and concise, with the product name and product characteristics as the main front, and product details on the side and back. Note that the text should be propaganda, but not too much. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the product information that must be indicated in the relevant regulations.

4. Brand logo. Regardless of whether your brand is well known, your brand logo should be placed in a prominent position. If there is no previous brand logo or the logo design is unreasonable, the VI design should be specifically designed.

5. There must be an opening statement. This is mainly for some more complex packaging, such as alcohol, if there is no conspicuous opening description, the product experience will be very poor.

Third, the process of the carton.

The surface treatment of the carton can play a icing on the cake. Common techniques such as embossing, embossing, oil film, matte, bronzing, etc. can bring a qualitative leap to product packaging. What we usually want to consider in this regard is the overall coordination and cost issues. The process should be aesthetically pleasing, appropriate, and at the same time consider whether the cost is within acceptable limits.

The above is how to identify a few key points of a carton packaging design. In fact, designing this piece is far more than that simple, but these basic knowledge points allow us to have a rough judgment. Now, go see if your product packaging design is reasonable, and if there is any need for improvement!