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Carton packaging: unique color box packaging, quickly attract customers

In the commercial competition, only the color box that can directly attract customers to the package has a greater chance of being purchased by the customer, and those products that are not exposed enough will gradually be eliminated by the market. Moreover, the unique packaging is also the way customers remember corporate products. For example, when you think of a gold can, you will think of Jiaduobao. When you talk about a red can, you will think of Wang Laoji. And if a company needs to be remembered, it needs to be uniquely packaged. How do you make a unique package?

1. The display of specific colors

In color box packaging, more than 80% of the information comes from vision. If the color box designer grasps and uses the color of the package to directly reflect certain characteristics of the inner item, the product is likely to become the customer's product. Design color, it should be color matching according to its attributes, but the color of the picture flows in the general, the design master often does the opposite, using the unconventional color, so that the packaging of its products stand out from the same kind of products, the processing of this color Make our eyes more sensitive and more impressive.

2. The overall design style

In the process of designing different products, the designer must master the overall design style. For each design detail, it is necessary to meet the product type, so that the color box printing can stimulate the product sales of the enterprise. Combined with various styles of analysis, the corporate culture and product information are separately embedded in the color box to determine the design and printing scheme.

3. Different packaging materials

For different materials, it will directly affect the effect of the whole food packaging box, because each material will suit different design schemes, and also allow a company's products to be outsourced with different qualities, so everyone is in the process of selecting materials. Among them, not only should you look at the material in a single way, but which type it belongs to, you also need to see if this type is suitable for your own product, and whether it can be integrated in the whole packaging design.

4. Choice of carton manufacturers

The carton factory needs to have advanced carton forming equipment, large die-cutting machinery, and design and processing of various shaped carton. In order to ensure the printing effect of cardboard boxes and paper products, they also need to use computer design, computer typesetting and plate making to make the patterns and texts achieve perfect artistic effects. Advanced equipment, large die-cutting machinery, the standard rate of the product basically reaches zero error.