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How to customize the carton? Customized carton to pay attention to what problems

1, the most basic conditions: determine the length and width of the carton

The general carton factory default is the outer box size. Outer box size design: Generally designed for the width of the data is the most economical material.

The carton factory will determine the size of the paper based on the size of the outer box reported by the customer.

2, select the material of the carton

Different products, the required materials are not the same, according to the weight of the goods, as well as their own cost, the material of the carton is reasonably selected, and some are used for export, which are required for gram weight and blasting.

3, the choice of carton thickness

The thickness of the carton is generally three layers, five layers, seven layers and nine layers. Normally, 3 layers and 5 layers are used. So be sure to understand how many layers of paper you use.

4, printing problems

Printing needs to pay attention to the color of the printing, the area of printing, which will directly affect the cost.

5, sample box

After confirming the above four points with the customer, it will determine the sample with the customer and meet the requirements.

6, order quantity and delivery

The amount is too small, it is not good to order cardboard, and the unit price is expensive, it is not easy to operate, so generally there will be a minimum order quantity, and finally it will be fixed, and it will be completed within the specified time.