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How to pay attention to the problem of collapsed boxes in the production of cartons?

In the production process of the carton, occasionally the phenomenon of carton collapse occurs, which not only affects the normal production status of the carton factory, but also may bring a bad product experience to the customer. So how can we prevent this from happening? Lianyong Packaging Dongguan Carton Factory reminds you that you should pay attention to the following points:

1, to control the use of the base paper

Check the sizing of corrugated paper and the effect of water absorption on the surface of the base paper. If the surface of the base paper is poorly smeared, the water absorption will be high, and it is easy to cold and wet the environment, resulting in regaining moisture, softening, and reducing the compressive strength of the finishing.

2, to control the moisture content of the cardboard when producing cardboard

The moisture content of the cardboard should not be too much, because the moisture of the cardboard is low, which affects the edge pressure index of the paperboard. In the process of paperboard processing, the amount of glue on the single-sided machine and the double-sided machine can not be too large. Once the amount of glue is large, the shape of the cardboard will be deformed, and the shape of the corrugation directly affects the side pressure of the paperboard, and the pressure of the side is lowered, and the compressive strength is also reduced.

3, the bonding strength of cardboard is large

The bond strength is the adhesion of corrugated paper to backing paper and facial tissue. If there is a cardboard false stick, the paper or paper will be separated from the corrugated paper after being pressed, and the compressive strength will drop linearly.

4. The gap pressure control in the production process should be moderate.

In particular, it should be noted that the gap pressure on the paste box machine should not be too small. The double-sided machine and the sun wheel clearance pressure on the die-cutting machine should be controlled within a reasonable range to avoid crushing the corrugated shape and affect the compressive strength of the paperboard.

5, use water repellent, waterproof varnish to solve the problem of surface waterproof and moisture.