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How to tell the quality of the carton?

The paper quality of the carton carton is an important factor affecting the quality of a carton carton. Therefore, when judging the quality of the carton carton, it can be judged intuitively from the quality of the paper.

How to distinguish from the process? We start with the error of the width and height of the indentation groove of the carton to identify the quality of the carton. Most of the inferior indentation lines are produced by small factories, and these small factories are generally not professional experiments. Room, lack of product development and quality monitoring, the resulting carton is uneven, poor precision. The error of the width and height of the indentation groove is very large, which is very easy to cause product problems. Therefore, we can observe the error of the width and height of the carton indentation groove when purchasing, so as to distinguish the quality of the carton. Guangzhou carton "quality-oriented. Reputation is the soul. The pursuit of excellence" is the spirit of Liansheng, and in good faith, win-win, create business philosophy, create a good corporate environment, with a new management model, perfect technology, and thoughtful service, Excellent quality is the basis of survival. We always insist on customer first, serve customers, insist on using our own services to impress customers, and let customers cooperate with us with confidence.

The best way is to weigh. Weight is a hurdle that paper can't be faked, and it is also the most fundamental.

Secondly, it is to look at the paper surface gloss of the carton carton. Since the cowhide belongs to the rough paper, the production process does not require high gloss on the surface, but it is required to be flat. This can be seen in the core paper, which is also the core paper. The reason for being able to do the middle wave and the septum is that it is rough and the glue is strong.

Hardness and thickness, this is also an important parameter of paper. The hardness is not necessarily thick, and the thickness is not necessarily high.

Feel, this is the experience, usually in contact with cardboard, you can practice a pair of "carton carton hands", this can only be more touch, more poke, more pinch.