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What are the production processes for gift boxes?

The carton is a three-dimensional shape, which is composed of a plurality of faces that are moved, stacked, folded, and surrounded by a plurality of faces. The surface in the three-dimensional structure functions as a dividing space in the space, and the surface of the different parts is cut, rotated, and folded, and the obtained surface has different emotional expressions. The composition of the carton display surface should pay attention to the connection between the display surface, the side, the top and the bottom, and the setting of the packaging information elements.

Carton packaging is largely based on its exquisite shape and decoration to promote landscaping products and enhance the competitiveness of goods. Let's talk about the manufacturing process of the gift box.

Since the shape and structural design of the carton are often determined by the shape characteristics of the packaged goods, there are many styles and types, such as rectangular, square, polygonal, shaped carton, cylindrical, etc., but the manufacturing process is basically The same, that is, the choice of materials - design icons - manufacturing templates - stamping - joined into boxes.

1, plate making, the current gift box pays attention to the beautiful and beautiful appearance, so the color of the version is also varied, usually a style of gift box not only has 4 basic colors and a few spot colors, such as gold, silver, these are spot colors.

2, paper selection, the general gift box paper is made of double copper and dumb copper paper, the weight is generally 128g, 105g, 157g, the gift paper of the gift box will have more than 200g, because the paper is too thick The gift box is easy to blister and looks very dull. Picking paper is to choose the appropriate double gray paper according to customer needs, commonly known as gray board or gray cardboard.

3, the gift box is only used to print the paper, the crepe paper will not be printed, at most it is only dyed, because the gift box is the outer box, so the printing requirements are very high, the most taboo color difference, ink points, bad effects The shortcomings of aesthetics.

4, surface treatment, the gift box of the gift box usually to do the surface treatment, the common is the light glue, over the dumb glue, over uv, over-oil, over dumb oil.

5, beer, beer is a relatively important part of the printing process, to be a must-have knife must be accurate, if the beer is not allowed, beer bias, beer constantly these will affect the subsequent processing. 6. Hey, the usual printed matter is the first beer, but the gift box is the first beer, the first is the fear of getting the paper, the second is the gift box, the overall beauty, the gift box must be handmade, this can reach a certain Beautiful.

7. Finally, the hole is punched, and the glue on the surface is wiped without punching, and then it can be packaged and delivered.

A wrap or article that is commonly used as a commodity protects the outer layer. The size of the carton changes due to the size of the goods. The carton usually has “careful and light”, “fear of wetness”, “upward”, “stacking limit”, “fear of sun”, “moisture proof”, “quality and safety”, “no tumbling” "Do not trample", "pay attention to fire", "fragile items", "greening environment", "fear of heat", "food", "anti-odor" and other patterns or text prompts to remind users to protect the contents from damage.